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2021 - Gig Guide


26th - Australia Day at Kojonup Recreation Centre, 2pm-7pm (Acoustic Solo/DJ)


14th - Valentines Day @ Deanmill Workers Club, Acoustic solo 12pm -2.30pm


13th - Warren District Ag Show (Solo acoustic) 4.30pm-8.30pm


1st-5th - Private Party - Harvey

25th - Anzac Day Ceremony - Manjimup 6am & 11am


24th - Manjimup Primary Disco (DJ) - fundraiser

26th - Private birthday party - Mandurah - Solo


6th - Bridgetown Rec - Roller-skate - 4pm-6pm & 7pm-9pm


10th - Maidens Park Primary - Disco (DJ)

11th - Rotary Club of Mill Point, Manji Country Club (solo/dj)

17th - Bridgetown Rec - Roller-skate - 4pm-6pm & 7pm-9pm




5th - Bridgetown Rec - Roller-skate - 4pm-6pm & 7pm-9pm

6th - Wedding, Clover Cottage Manjimup (DJ setup) 

13th - HavCon Engineering 20th Anniversary/Xmas Party - (Quality Hotel Lighthouse, Bunbury)


4th - Capel Camp Draft, Capel - (DJ setup)

9th - Primary School Disco - (DJ setup)


2020 - Gig Guide


11th - Wedding (DJ Setup) Burekup

18th - Frisky Business band gig (Burly Hotel) 9pm to 1am

25th - Wedding (DJ Setup) Manjimup

31st - Burly Hotel - Frisky Business fundraiser for fire fighters


7th - Frisky Business band (Burly hotel)

15th - Wedding (DJ Setup) South West Fonty's Pool

21st - Tigers Sportsmans Club (DJ Setup) 8pm - 12am

29th - Wedding (DJ Setup) Manjimup


1st - Boyup Brook tennis club (Acoustic solo) 8pm-11pm

21st - Private 60th birthday (DJ) Harvey

27th - Frisky Business band (Burly hotel) (Cancelled due to Corona virus) 


1st - Wedding (DJ Setup) Stonebarn, Pemberton (Cancelled due to Corona virus)


2nd - (DJ setup) 40th Birthday Party, Capel (cancelled due to Corona Virus)


29th - 30th Birthday Party (DJ setup) Private


26th - Bridgetown high reunion (DJ setup) (Cancelled due to Corona virus)


3rd - Engagement Party (DJ/Solo)

10th - Filipino Festival, Bunbury - Solo set

17th - Manjimup Shire Youth Festival - (Sound system) Pemberton

24th - Wedding (SW) Harvey


21st - Wedding (DJ Setup) Bridgetown Gardens

28th – Wedding Christine & Alfonso, Tall Timbers. Solo/DJ/MC


5th – Capel Camp Draft 5pm till late

11th – Manjimup Chamber food festival (Solo/DJ) 6pm-9pm


Gig Guide - 2019


9th – Wedding at Fonty’s Pool (DJ setup)

15th – Wedding at Brunswick Junction Hall (DJ setup)

16th - Boyup Brook Country Music Festival (Desert Rose Band)

17th - Boyup Brook Country Music Festival (Desert Rose Band)


2nd - Mayanup Camp Draft

7th - Bayview Geographe Resort, Busselton (South West Summit Branch Awards Night) (DJ setup)

19th – Perth

23rd – Wedding at Donnelly River (DJ setup)


6th – Wedding (Family farm) Manjimup (Acoustic Solo setup)

19th - Wedding - Bridgetown (DJ Setup)

20th - Manjimup Farmers Market (Acoustic Solo)

25th – Anzac day Manjimup 6am & 11am (Sound)


4th - Private Birthday Party


1st - Manjimup Farmers Market (Solo) 8.30am to 12.30pm


6th - Tigers Football Club 60th Anniversary (DJ setup)

20th - Dwellingup Volunteer Ambulance Fundraiser (DJ setup)


23rd - (Band gig) - Frisky Business - Burley Hotel, Bunbury 9pm to 1am


13th - (Band Gig) - Frisky Business, Burley Hotel, Bunbury 9pm to 1am

14th – Wedding at Bridgetown gardens (DJ setup)

21st - Southerners Football Club Cabaret (DJ)


18th - (Band gig) - Frisky Business - Burley Hotel, Bunbury 9pm to 1am

19th - Windy Harbour Volunteer Rescue (DJ setup)

26th – Wedding at (Family Farm, Lowden) (DJ setup)


2nd - (Band gig) Frisky Business - Relay for Life

15th - Fundraiser Manjimup Town Hall (Sound System & Solo set)

16th - Fundraiser Manjimup Town Hall (Sound System & Solo set)

22nd - (Band gig) - Frisky Business - Burley Hotel, Bunbury 9pm to 1am

30th – Capel Camp Draft (DJ setup)


7th - Manjimup Farmers Market - Acoustic Solo, 8.30am to 12.30pm

14th - Frisky Business Band - The Ship Busselton

20th - Private Christmas Party (Pemberton) (DJ setup)

21st - Manjimup Farmers Market - Acoustic Solo (8.30am -2pm)

27th - (Band gig) - Frisky Business - Burley Hotel, Bunbury 9pm to 1am

28th - Frisky Business - private party, Bunbury

31st - New Years Eve (Geographe Yachting Club) - Frisky Business


2018 - Gig Guide


1st - Pemberton Hotel New Years (DJ)

20th – Sunsets Café – Carnarvon - 3.30pm-7.30pm

21st – Sunsets Café – Carnarvon - 2pm-6pm

26th - Sunsets Café - Carnarvon - 12pm -5pm

26th - Gascoyne Hotel, Carnarvon - Australia Day - 6pm-9pm

28th – Sunsets Café – Carnarvon - 2pm-6pm


8th – (Thursday) Rotary wine show – Manjimup Town Hall

10th – Wedding Karri Valley Resort (DJ)

15th - Actvi Disco Grease thene (DJ)

17th – Wedding Koombana Bay Sailing club


3rd – 40th Birthday Party –Donnelly River Mill (DJ)

10th - Young Women's Expo (Manjimup) Sound/DJ

16th - Dome Waikiki (Solo) 6-8pm


7th – Wedding - Karri Valley (DJ)

21st - Wedding - Bridgetown Gardens (DJ)

25th – Anzac Ceremony – Manjimup 6am & 11am (Sound)


3rd - Actvi Disco Night (Country Theme) (DJ)

26th - Brunswick Junction Fire-brigade Cabaret (DJ setup)


14th – Wedding (Thursday) Stonebarn reception (DJ)

23rd - Wedding Karri Valley Resort, Pemberton (DJ)


28th - 21st Birthday Party (Private) Pemberton (DJ Setup)


2nd - Actvi Disco - (80's theme) (DJ)


8th - Engagement Party (Bridgetown) (DJ)

15th – Wedding – Wellington Forest cottages (DJ)


6th – Wedding – Bridgetown gardens (reception DJ)

27th - Wedding - Fonty's Pool, Manjimup (DJ reception)


3rd - Wedding (Clover Cottage) Sound Hire

10th - Wedding (Clover Cottage) (DJ Setup)


1st - Capel Camp Draft (DJ Setup)

31st - New Years Eve (Pemberton Hotel) (DJ with band Velvet Edge)


2017 - Gig guide


1st - Pemby Hotel - New Years (DJ Setup)

26th - Australia Day Celebrations - Manji Timber (Sound & Performance)


2nd - Rotary Wine Awards - Manjimup Town Hall (Sound Mix)

3rd - Wedding - Pemberton Mill Hall (DJ Setup)

11th - Kin Kin Rodeo (Sound & Performance)

24th - Backpackers end of season party (DJ)


24th - Kearnan College School Ball (DJ Setup)

25th - Manjimup Senior High School Ball (DJ Setup)


8th - Youth Week - Northcliffe - Young local musicians (Sound System/DJ)

25th - ANZAC day ceremonies 6am & 11am Manjimup (Sound System)

28th - Wedding - Ferngrove Winery, Frankland River (DJ Setup)


6th - Wedding Silkwood Winery (DJ setup)

13th - Wedding Silkwood Winery (DJ setup)

26th - Deanmill Workers Club (DJ setup) birthday party 8pm to 11.45pm




15th - Deanmill Workers Club 7pm till late (DJ setup)

29th - Northcliffe Town Hall (Sound and Mixing The Hunting Birds)


12th - Manji Country Club, 50th Wedding Anniversary (Solo/DJ) 2.30pm-5pm

12th - Deanmill Workers Club (DJ) 7pm

19th - Apex Teenage Fashion Awards (Sound)

26th - Private 50th birthday party (DJ Setup)


21st - School Disco - Manjimup DJ setup

29th - Wedding - Margaret River (DJ/Acoustic setup)


20th - Parade Hotel's 120th birthday DJ 70's/80's Disco/Elton John tribute


3rd - Wedding - Jarrah Jacks, Pemberton (DJ setup)

11th - Wedding - Sanctuary Golf Resort (DJ)

30th - Actvi support staff & family party (DJ setup)


2nd - Capel Camp Draft, Capel (DJ setup)

9th - Manjimup Cherry Festival - Solo Acoustic x 2 sets

10th - Omega Walnut - Private opening Manjimup (Sound)

16th - Wedding - Clover Cottages, Quinninup (DJ/Solo)

22nd - Private Christmas Party (DJ Setup)

31st - New Years Eve (DJ setup) Pemberton Hotel


2016 Bookings


26 – Australia Day sound & performance – Northcliffe oval.


4th – Rotary Wine Award Night (Manjimup Town Hall)

7th - Pemberton Hotel (Acoustic Solo)

14th - Quinninup Tavern (Valentines Day - Sunday Session)

27th - Country Club - JC's Reunion (Acoustic/DJ setup)


4th - DJ setup - Avo pickers end of season party (DJ setup)

6th - Quinninup Tavern (Acoustic solo)

19th – Wedding at Fonty’s Pool (DJ setup)


5th - Tall Timbers Quiz night (sound system)

9th - 50th birthday (DJ setup)

16th – Wedding - Monks garden & Gateway Hotel (DJ setup)

23rd - Wedding at Silkwood Winery (DJ setup)

25th - Anzac Day Ceremonies 6am & 11am (Sound system)


3rd - Tall Timbers Quiz Night (PA System)

6th - College Ball Fonty's Pool (DJ setup)

27th - Manjimup Town Hall - Community service (PA Hire)

28th – Kin Kin Retreat - 50th Birthday Party (DJ setup)


2nd - Town Hall Mental Health Seminar (Sound System)

7th - Tall Timbers Quiz Night

17th - Roundhouse - Community guest (Sound system)


2nd - Tigers FC - 40th Anniversary Grandfinal (DJ setup)

5th - Tall Timbers Quiz Night (PA Hire)

7th to 19th - In Sydney & Melbourne

22nd - KC Quiz night (PA System)

23rd - DJ setup 50th Birthday Party

30th - Warnbro Swans Reunion


2nd - Tall timbers - Quiz night (Sound system)

16th - Manjimup Lions Club (Acoustic set) 7.30pm

20th - Apex Teenage Fashion Awards (Sound & Music)


2nd - Cherry Festival Quiz, Country club (Sound system)

6th - Tall Timbers Quiz night (PA hire)

9th - Truffle Conference - Manjimup town hall 8am-1pm

10th - Australian Truffle Conference (8.30am - 4pm)

10th - Truffle Conference dinner - Fonty's Pool

10th – Wedding at Stone barn, Pemberton (DJ setup)

11th - Truffle Growers Conference (12pm - 4pm)

24th - Kin Kin Ute Muster, (Solo/Sound System)

25th - Wedding meeting Karri Valley


2nd – Quinninup Market day (Sunday) Duo

7th - Lions Convention (Manjimup Town Hall) Evening

8th - Lions Convention (Manjimup Town Hall) Day Session

9th - Lions Conference (Afternoon Session)

21st – Newton Moore 50th anniversary

22nd – Wedding at Stonebarn, Pemberton (DJ/Acoustic Solo setup)

29th - Clover Cottage - Wedding (PA Hire)

29th - JB Ipsen Cup - Manjimup Golf Club (Acoustic Solo)


4th - Fundraiser Disco - Bridgetown Hall (DJ)

5th - Clover Cottage - Wedding (PA Hire)

5th - Wedding - Manjimup Country Club (DJ setup)

12th – Wedding at Karri Valley Resort (DJ/Solo setups)

18th - PA hire Manjimup Parish centre

28th - Kearnan Cyber awareness Info night - Town hall


9th - Christmas night trading Manjimup CBD (Solo/DJ setup)

10th – 60th Birthday Pemberton (DJ setup)

16th - Bendotti Christmas party Pemberton (DJ)

17th - Traffic Force Xmas Party, Bunbury (DJ/Solo)

18th - Xmas Carols - Manji Timber Park

31st - Pemberton Hotel - NYE with The Rocksmythz (DJ setup)


Gig Guide & Bookings - 2015


10th – Rocky Gully – fundraiser 7pm to 12am.

17th – Wedding at Silkwood Estate – DJ Setup

26th – Australia Day Pemberton Pool (Monday)  


5th – Rotary Wine Awards – Town Hall

14th – Deanmill workers club (DJ) for log chops

21st – 21st Birthday Party – Pemberton (DJ setup)

28th – Wedding at Oak Valley Farm, (DJ setup) 


12th - Firey's meeting at Pemberton mill hall with Government officials

15th - Twilight concert at Manjimup Country Club.

20th - Wedding Old Broadwater, Busselton (DJ Setup)

21st – Wedding Donnelly River workers club(DJ setup)

26th – Wedding Castelli estate, Denmark (Solo/DJ)


11th – Wedding Forest Lodge Resort, Pemberton(Solo/DJ)

12th - Pemberton camp school - seniors luncheon (solo)

19th - Twilight Concert @ Manjimup Country club

25th - Anzac services 6am & 11am (Sound)

25th - Tigers Football Club - Anzac Day Celebration (Acoustic/DJ setup)


2nd - Wedding Donnelly Mill Village (Acoustic Solo/DJ)

6th - Manjimup Town Hall - Special Guest Speaker (Sound System setup)

23rd - Manji Country club for Bevan's 24 hour run for cancer

30th - Wedding in Denmark WA (Acoustic solo/DJ)


13th - Manjimup Country Club - Private 40th Birthday Party (DJ Setup)

27th - Tigers Football Club - Night game after game (DJ Setup)


* 6th to 10th & 17th to 19th, Unavailable

25th - Wedding - Lighthouse Resort, Bunbury (DJ Setup)

31st - Cherry Quiz night - Country Club (Sound & DJ)


14th - 50th Wedding Anniversary + 2 x 70th birthdays, Manji Country Club

21st - Science Week - Sound System setup


4th - Small Business Awards - country club (Acoustic/Sound)

5th - 40th Birthday Party TBC (DJ Setup)

19th - Manjimup Farmers Market (Acoustic Solo)

19th - Tigers Football Club (Cabaret) DJ Setup

26th - Wedding Private Tonebridge (Acoustic/DJ)


3rd - Wedding - Private, Manjimup (DJ Setup)

10th - Donnybrook Football Club Windup (DJ Setup)

17th - Wedding - Esplanade Hotel, Busselton (DJ Setup)

22nd - Rotary special speaker guest Town Hall (Sound)

23rd - Wedding - Lighthouse Motel, Bunbury (DJ Setup)

24th – School reunion all turning 60. Fonty’s pool (DJ)

30th - East Manjimup Primary - Quiz night (DJ setup)

31st - Wedding - in Harvey***


3rd - Waroona Hotel - Melbourne cup (Acoustic solo)

7th - Wedding at Southern End, Denmark, WA (DJ Setup)

27th - Manjimup Chamber entertainment - CBD

29th – Wedding - Brookleigh Estate (DJ setup) (Sunday)  


5th - Gateway Hotel Woolies xmas Party (DJ setup)

10th - St Brigid Concert (PA Sound System supply)

11th - Cherry Heritage trail - (PA system)

12th - Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival

13th - Long Table Lunch

18th - Christmas Party (DJ setup)

20th - Timber Park - Xmas carols (supply lighting)

31st - Pemberton Hotel - New Years Eve (DJ Setup